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Coral fleece towel for sale

Coral fleece could be a fuzzy texture with dense weave and high piles of cut fibers. Microfiber coral fleece towels (or downy towels) feature long, soft and plush fibers on each side which will simply pull particles aloof from the surfaces being wiped. they need become additional and additional common in automotive vehicle description business, nice for wax and polish residue removal, fast detail sprays, and delicate end work.

The weights of microfiber coral fleece towels with single layers vary from 200GSM up to 600GSM. Super thick microfiber downy towels with double layers will be created for super permeableness, with weights up to one,200GSM. Weights of 400GSM through 600GSM area unit common selections for description towels, though towels of 800GSM through one,200GSM area unit idolised by several description professionals.

The softness of this downy towels will be additional increased by mistreatment radical fine 70/30 mix microfiber yarns. 70/30 500GSM 16"x16" dull downy towels area unit one among the simplest buffing/polishing towels for skilled detailers, with an ideal combination of quality (plushness, softness and performance), value and size.

The downy microfiber coral fleece materials are accustomed create tub towels, bathrobes, makeup removals, dusting towels and mud mops.


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